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There were mountains of corpses, I can still hear my dead friends: “ Dont forget to tell the world of our destiny, i will never forget"

They just walked around with knives in their hands
and stab to see, if I am already dead (like they are)
They just walked around with guns in their hands
they took my clothes off, took my teeth out and spitted in my face
Naked like the truth,
that nobody wants to see
They set my body on fire

Rising like the wind
crying into the black clouds
never forget, never forget
the raindrops keep falling
but taste so different this time
never forget, never forget

Listen to the walls. They can speak
Listen to the stones. They have seen it all.
Listen to the stories, they will make you cry and maybe shake your heart

when the last witness dies
will we remember or will we denied the days of shame
when the last evidence is burned
will we remember or will we try to forget?
black clouds, black hearts, black boots
under the black skies
will we remember or will we try to forget?
under the black skies...will we forget?


from Hnev, released August 1, 2016



all rights reserved


Rats Get Fat Žilinský kraj, Slovakia

After brake down of our previous bands, we decided to create a new project. We threw our past away, cleaned the table and started from zero again. We put all our ideas, effort and energy to create a sound, that will kick you to your balls. We give our music over to fight with human stupidity, hypocrisy, xenophoby and racism, to support DIY and UG culture and laught to mainstream face. ... more

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